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Plugin Configuration

  1. To configure the OpenSearch/Elasticsearch Plugin:

    Update the plugin configuration file with the server IP.

    • Open opensearch.yml / elasticsearch.yml in an editing console.

    • Get the IP addresses from your plan’s allocation details section. IP addresses

    • Add the following lines to the file:

      • < Your server IP address >

      • < Your server IP address >

Example configuration file: "docker-cluster"

... <Your server IP address> <Your server IP address>
  1. Add the following two following lines to the plugin-security.policy file which can be found in the plugin zip folder. Make sure that you change <USERNAME> to your correct username`:

    permission "/home/<USERNAME>/.aws/credentials", "read";

    permission "/home/<USERNAME>/.aws/config", "read";


If you're using a console, you might need to unzip the file, change the plugin-security.policy file and zip it again

  1. Overwrite the previous opensearch.yml / elasticsearch.yml config file with the updated one.

  2. Install the plugin, as you would any OpenSearch / Elasticsearch .zip format plugin.