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Selecting a Search Query

As search queries must match the target dataset in terms of type and number of features, if you load multiple datasets, the application will allow you to select only a query that is appropriate for the dataset that is currently in focus.

To select a query for the search:

  1. Open the Queries window.

    In the FVS configuration panel, click the Query field’s Browse button to view available queries.

  2. In the Queries window, click the radio button of an available query to select it.

    Selecting a query

    Only queries of the same type and same number of features as the selected dataset will be available for selection.

    • If you’ve assigned focus to a float32 type dataset, select a float32 query file.

    • If you’ve assigned focus to a binary dataset, choose a corresponding binary query.

  3. Click OK to confirm and close the Queries window.