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Logging In

  1. Click on Open application in your plan’s allocation details section to open the OpenSearch/Elasticsearch Plugin web app.

    Open application

  2. Enter the allocation ID from your cloud management account.

    Allocation ID

    Login window

Specifying Dataset Location

To configure where datasets are stored:

  1. Click the Plugin settings tab from the top navigation bar.

  2. Click on Advanced settings.

  3. To store datasets locally:

    • Click LOCAL FS.

    • Enter the folder path. If both the plugin and the backend server are installed locally, you can use a local folder. If the plugin and backend server are not installed locally, use an EFS shared folder.


    You can only use this option if you are using a shared folder (e.g. efs)

  4. To store datasets on an AWS S3 server

    • Click AMAZON S3.

    • Enter the login information, region, and Amazon bucket name.

      Amazon S3

    • Click Apply.